Vol 1 (1891)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Members, Field Meetings, Author List, Bibliography, Abbreviations PDF

President's Address

A Consideration of Some Theories of Evolution PDF
O. P. Hay 33-46

Papers Read

Abstracts PDF
Alex Smith 46-48
Carbon Dioxide in the Urine PDF
T. C. Van Nuys, R. E. Lyons 48-49
Results of Estimation of Chlorine in Mineral Water by Volhard's Plan PDF
Sherman Davis 49-51
Some Suggestions to Teachers of Science or Mathematics in High Schools PDF
Thomas C. Van Nuys 51-55
Abstracts PDF
W. A. Noyes 56
A Graphical Solution for Equations of Higher Degree, for Both Real and Imaginary Roots PDF
A. S. Hathaway 57-63
On Some Theorems of Integrations in Quaternions PDF
A. S. Hathaway 63-64
Note on the Early History of the Potential Functions PDF
A. S. Hathaway 65
Preliminary Notes on the Geology of Dearborn County PDF
A. J. Bigney 66-67
The Cystidians of Jefferson County, Ind. PDF
George C. Hubbard 67
Hudson River Fossils of Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
George C. Hubbard 68-70
The Kankakee River and Pure Water for Northwestern Indiana and Chicago PDF
J. L. Campbell 70-73
Abstracts PDF
August D. Selby, D. A. Owen 74-76
A New Compound Microtome PDF
George C. Hubbard 77-79
Abstract - On the Development of the Archegonium and Apical Growth in the Stem of Tsuga Canadensis and Pinus Sylvestris PDF
D. M. Mottier 79
The Flora of Mt. Orizaba PDF
Henry E. Seaton 80-82
Abstract - An Apparatus for Determining the Periodicity of Root Pressure PDF
M. B. Thomas 82-83
The Distribution of Tropical Ferns in Penisular Florida PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 83-89
Some Additions to the State Flora from Putnam County PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 89-91
Diseases of the Sugar Beet Root PDF
Katherine E. Golden 92-97
Abstract - Plant Zones of Arizona PDF
D. T. McDougal 97
Abstract - Science and the Columbian Exposition PDF
J. L. Campbell 98
The Pre-historic Earthworks of Henry County, Ind. PDF
T. B. Redding 98-106
On the Breeding Habits, Eggs, and Young of Certain Snakes PDF
O. P. Hay 106-120
Some Observations on the Turtles of the Genus Malaclemys PDF
O. P. Hay 120-126
The Gryllidae of Indiana PDF
W. S. Blatchley 126-144
Our Present Knowledge Concerning the Green Triton, Diemyctylus Viridescens PDF
O. P. Hay 144-147
The Crustacea of Indiana PDF
W. P. Hay 147-151
Notes on Elaps Fulvius PDF
A. J. Bigney 151-152
Some Observations on Heloderma Suspectum PDF
D. A. Owen 152-154
Buffalo Gnats in Indiana and Illinois PDF
F. M. Webster 155-159
Abstract - Recent Additions to the Ichthyological Fauna of California PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann, Rosa S. Eigenmann 159-161
On Indiana Shrews PDF
Amos W. Butler 161-166
Some Notes on the Birds of Indiana PDF
R. Wes McBride 166-167
Abstract - Some Insects of Tasmania PDF
F. M. Webster 168
The Continuity of the Germ Plasm in Vertebrates PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 168-172
Biological Stations PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann 172-174
Abstracts PDF
Carl H. Eigenmann, A. B. Ulrey 175-176

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