Vol 5 (1895)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Constitution, By-Laws, Members, Program and Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Meeting PDF

President's Address

Indiana: A Century of Changes in the Aspects of Nature PDF
A. W. Butler 31-42

General Subjects

Unconscious Mental Cerebration PDF
C. E. Newlin 42-43
Means of Preventing Hog Cholera PDF
D. W. Dennis 44-45
Abstract - The "Hopkins Seaside Laboratory" at Pacific Grove, Cal. PDF
B. M. Davis 45-46
Infection by Bread PDF
Katherine E. Golden 46-48
Simple Apparatus for Photo-Micrography PDF
M. J. Golden 48-49
Sanitary Science in the Modern College PDF
Severance Burrage 49-51

Geological Subjects

The Charleston (MO.) Earthquake PDF
A. H. Purdue 51-53
Some Minor Eroding Agencies PDF
J. T. Scovell 54-55
Kettle Holes Near Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
J. T. Scoville 55-56
Abstract - A Relief Map of Arkansas PDF
T. F. Newson 56

Mathematical Subjects

Abstract - Some Skew Surfaces of the 3rd and 4th Degree PDF
C. A. Waldo 57-58
Note Relative to Peirce's "Linear Associative Algebra" PDF
James Byrnie Shaw 59-62

Physical Subjects

Variation of a Standard Thermometer PDF
Charles T. Knipp 62-64
Abstract - Graphical Representation of the Law of Falling Bodies PDF
F. P. Stauffer 64
Rates of Combustion in Locomotive Furnaces PDF
R. A. Smart 65-66
The Influence of Heat, the Electric Current and Magnetism Upon Young's Modulus PDF
Mary Chilton Noyes 66
The Surface Tension of Liquids PDF
Arthur L. Foley 67-75
Strains in Steam Machinery PDF
W. F. M. Goss 75-77
Abstract - Viscosity of a Polarized Dielectric PDF
A. Wilmer Duff 77-78
On the Alternating Current Dynamo PDF
W. E. Goldsborough 79-83
Abstract - Empirical Formula for the Temperature Variation of Viscosity PDF
A. Wilmer Duff 84-85

Chemical Subjects

The Effect of Grape-Sugar upon the Composition of Certain Fat-Producing Bacteria PDF
Robert E. Lyons 85-88
A New Method for the Preparation of Phenyl-Compounds with Sulphur, Selenium and Tellurim PDF
Robert E. Lyons 88-89
Camphoric Acid PDF
W. A. Noyes 89-90
Note on Milk Inspection PDF
George W. Benton 90-91
Ratio of Alcohol to Yeast in Fermentation PDF
Katherine E. Golden 92-95

Botanical Subjects

The Circulation of Protoplasm in the Manubrium of Chara-Chara Fragilis PDF
D. W. Dennis 95-96
Fungicides for the Prevention of Corn Smut PDF
William Stuart 96-99
A New Station for Pleodorina Califonica Shaw PDF
Serverance Burrage 99-100
Forms of Xanthium Canadense and X. Strumarium PDF
J. C. Arthur 100
Notes on Wood Shrinkage PDF
M. J. Golden 100-101
Botanical Literature in the State Library PDF
John S. Wright 102-105
Microscope Slides of Vegetable Material for Use in Determinative Work PDF
John S. Wright 105-106

Zoological Subjects

Effect of Heat Upon the Irritability of Muscle PDF
A. J. Bigney 106-108
Hoemaglobin and its Derivatives PDF
A. J. Bigney 108
A Revision and Synonymy of the Parvis Group of Unionidae (With Six Plates) PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 109-125
The Fishes of the Missouri River Basin PDF
Barton W. Evermann, J. T. Scovell 126-130
Recent Investigation Concerning the Redfish, Oncorhynchus Nerka, at its Spawning Grounds in Idaho PDF
J. T. Scovell, Barton W. Evermann 131-134
A New Habitat for Gastrophilus PDF
A. W. Bitting 135

Biological Survey

Second Contribution to a Knowledge of Indiana Mollusca PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 135-146
Contribution to the Biological Survey of Wabash County PDF
Albert B. Ulrey 147-148
Birds of Wabash County PDF
Albert B. Ulrey, William O. Wallace 148-159
Notes on a Collection of Fishes of Dubois County, Indiana PDF
W. J. Mooenkhaus 159-162
Additional Notes on Indiana Birds PDF
A. W. Butler 162-168
Notes on Parasites Collected in the State in 1895 PDF
A. W. Bitting 168
A Report upon Certain Collections of Phenerogams Presented to the State Biological Survey PDF
Stanley Coulter 169-182
Noteworthy Indiana Phanerogams PDF
Stanley Coulter 183-198
Distribution of the Orchidaceae in Indiana PDF
Alida M. Cunningham 198-202

Turkey Lake Biological Survey

First Report of the Biological Station PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 203-216
A Preliminary Report on the Physical Features of Turkey Lake PDF
D. C. Ridgley 216-235
Hydrographic Map of Turkey Lake PDF
Chancey Juday
Temperature of Turkey Lake PDF
J. P. Dolan 235-239
The Inhabitants of Turkey Lake PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 239-241
Annelida PDF
Bessie C. Ridgly 241
Rotifera PDF
D. S. Kellicott 242-244
Cladocera PDF
A. Birge 244-246
On a Small Collection of Mollusks from Northern Indiana PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 246-250
The Odonata PDF
D. S. Kellicott 251
Fishes PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 258-261
Batrachia PDF
Curtis Atkinson 258-261
Snakes of Turkey Lake PDF
G. Reddick 261-262
Testudinata PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 262-264
Water Birds of Turkey Lake PDF
F. M. Chamberlain 264
The Study of Variation PDF
C. H. Eigenmann 265-278
The Variation of Etheostoma Caprodes Rafinesque in Turkey Lake and Tippecanoe Lake PDF
W. J. Moenkhaus 278-296

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