Vol 6 (1896)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Acts, Officers, Committees, Constitution, Members, Foreign Correspondents, Program and Proceedings of 12th Annual Meeting, Field Meeting of 1896 PDF

President's Address

Science and the State PDF
Stanley Coulter 33-46

General Subjects

The Evolution of the Map of Mammoth Cave, Kentucky PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 46-53
Abstract - A Possible Relation of the Academy of Science to the Teachers of Biology in Our Secondary School PDF
L. J. Rettger 54-56
The Occurrence of Uroglena in the Lafayette (Ind.) City Water PDF
Severance Burrage 56-59
The Engineering Research Laboratory in Its Relation to the Public PDF
W. F. M. Goss 59-63
Louisville Filtration Experiments PDF
George W. Benton 63-65
A "Tornado" in Rush County, Indiana, August 1, 1896 PDF
W. P. Shannon 65-67

Geological Subjects

Abstract - Comparative Crushing Strength of Cubes and Prisms of Bedford Limestone PDF
W. K. Hatt 68
Some Mounds of Vanderburgh County, Indiana PDF
A. H. Purdue 68-71
The Lake Michigan and Mississippi Valley Water Shed PDF
T. H. Ball 72-73
Some Notice of Streams, Springs, Wells and Sand Ridges in Lake County, Indiana PDF
T. H. Ball 73-75
Account of a Morainal Stone Quarry of Upper Silurian Limestone Near Richmond PDF
Joseph Moore 75-78

Mathematical Subjects

Formulas for Shaft Friction PDF
J. J. Flather 79-85
Orthogonal Surfaces PDF
A. S. Hathaway 85-86
Abstract - Linear Euthymorphic Functions of the First Order PDF
E. M. Blake 87-88

Physical Subjects

Tests of a Wrought Iron Car Axle PDF
W. F. M. Goss 88-93
Subdivision of Power PDF
J. J. Flather 93-97
Abstract - Viscosity as a Function of Temperature PDF
A. W. Duff 97
Comparison of Clark and Weston Cells PDF
S. N. Taylor 98-104

Chemical Subjects

Soil Solvents for Available Potash and Phosphoric Acid PDF
H. A. Huston, J. M. Barrett 104-112
Abstract - Action of Ammonium Citrate and Citric Acid on Basic Slag PDF
H. A. Huston, W. J. Jones, Jr. 112-113
The Character of the Volatile Matter Lost by Bituminous Coals at 100 Degrees Celsius PDF
W. E. Burk 113-114
The Calculation of the Heating Effect of Coals from the Proximate Analysis PDF
W. K. Noyes 115-116

Botanical Subjects

Notes on the Flora of Lake Cicott and Lake Maxinkuckee PDF
Robert Hessler 116-129
Notes on Some Phanerogams New or Rare to the State PDF
W. S. Blatchley 130-143
Periodicity of Root Pressure PDF
M. B. Thomas 143-147
Notes on the Flora of the Lake Region of Northeastern Indiana PDF
W. W. Chipman 147-158
Contributions to the Flora of Indiana, No. IV PDF
Stanley Coulter 159-171
Additions to the Published Lists of Indiana Cryptogams PDF
Lucien M. Underwood 171-172
The Bacteriological Flora of the Air in Stables PDF
A. W. Bitting, Charles E. Davis 172-184
Have the Common Yeasts Pathogenic Properties?--An Experimental Study PDF
Katherine E. Golden 184-188
Exceptional Growth of a Wild Rose PDF
Stanley Coulter 189-190
A Revision of the Species of the Genus Plantago Occurring Within the United States PDF
Alida Mabel Cunningham 190-207
The Effects of Drought Upon Certain Plants--An Experimental Study PDF
Clara Cunningham 208-213
Additions to the Cryptogamic Flora of Indiana PDF
J. C. Arthur 214-216
The Uredineae of Tippecanoe County, Ind. PDF
Lillian Snyder 216-224

Zoological Subjects

Abstract - Some Additions to Our Knowledge of the Anatomy and Embryology of the Holostomidae PDF
L. J. Rettger 224-225
Abnormal Incisor Growth of Rodents PDF
C. E. Newlin 226-227
The Bobolink (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus) in Indiana PDF
A. W. Butler 227-243
Some Additions to the Indiana Bird List, With Other Notes PDF
A. W. Butler 244-246
Abstract - Some Interesting Bones PDF
M. B. Thomas 247
The Hydrographic Basins of Indiana and Their Molluscan Fauna PDF
R. Ellsworth Call 247-258
Abstract - Notes on the Origin of the Epiphysis Cerebri in Amia PDF
B. M. Davis 259
A Summary of the Literature on the Epiphysis Cerebri PDF
B. M. Davis 260-271
On the Occurrence of Several Families of Aquatic Animalculae in New Stations PDF
Elwood Pleas 271-274
Notes on the Biological Survey of Milan Pond PDF
A. J. Bigney 274-275
Suicide of a Crow PDF
Stanley Coulter 275
The Randolph Mastodon PDF
Joseph Moore 276-278
Abstract - The Increasing Abundance of the Opossum (Didelphis Virginiana Shaw) in Northern Indiana PDF
Albert B. Ulrey 279

Turkey Lake Biological Survey

Temperature of Lake Wawasee PDF
J. P. Dolan 279-285
Ice Formation Lake Wawasee PDF
J. P. Dolan 286-287
The Plankton of Turkey Lake PDF
Chancey Juday 287-296
Physical Survey of Lakes Tippecanoe, Eagle, Webster and Cedar PDF
Thomas Large, C. O. Fisher, A. D. Fisher 296-302
The Destruction of a School of Blue Gills PDF
Thomas Large 303
The Fovea PDF
J. R. Stonaker 304-310

Back Matter

Index PDF