Vol 25 (1915)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Members, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Program PDF

President's Address

Address of the President PDF
Wilbur A. Cogshall 53-62


A Memoir of Donaldson Bodine PDF
H.W. Anderson 63-66
Memoir of Josiah Thomas Scovell PDF
Charles R. Dryer 67-72


Abstract: The Tobacco Problem PDF
Robert Hessler 73-88


Tolerance of Soil Micro Organisms to Media Changes PDF
H.A. Noyes 89-126


Some Methods for the Study of Plastids in Higher Plants PDF
D.M. Mottier 127-130
The Morphology of Riccia Fluitans L PDF
Fred Donaghy 131-134
Plants not Hitherto Reported from Indiana VI PDF
C.C. Deam 135-140
Indiana Fungi -III PDF
J.M. Van Hook 141-148
A Second Blooming of Magnolia Soulangiana PDF
D.M. Mottier 149-150
The Effect of Centrifugal Force on Oscillatoria PDF
Frank M. Andrews 151-152
Some Elementary Notes on Stem Analyses of White Oak PDF
Burr N. Prentice 153-160


Analysis of Water Containing Aluminum Salts and Free Sulphuric Acid From an Indiana Coal Mine PDF
S.D. Conner 161-162
Detection of Nickel in Cobalt Salts PDF
A.R. Middleton, H.L. Miller 163-172
The Different Methods of Estimating Protein in Milk PDF
George Spitzer 173-182

Papers on Geology

New Cave Near Versailles PDF
Andrew J. Bigney 183-184
Loess and Sand Dune Deposits in Vigo County, Indiana PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 185-188
Volume of the Ancient Wabash River PDF
Wm. A. McBeth 189-190
A Bibliography of Geographic Literature Concerning Foreign Countries PDF
B.H. Schockel 191-248
A Study of the Collections from the Trenton and Black River Formations of New York PDF
H.N. Coryell 249-268


Gamma Coefficients and Series PDF
Rose Polytechnic Institute 269-272
Some Relations of Plane and Spheric Geometry PDF
David A. Rothrock 273-282


Some Notes on the Mechanism of Light and Heat Radiations PDF
James E. Weyant 283-290
A Standard for the Measurement of High Voltages PDF
C. Francis Harding 291-294
Ionisation Standards PDF
Edwin Morrison 295-296
A Simple Photographic Spectrometer PDF
Edwin Morrison 297-298
On the Relative Velocities of Sound Waves of Different Intensities PDF
Arthur L. Foley 299-304
A Simple Method of Harmonizing Leyden Jar Discharges PDF
Arthur L. Foley 305-306
An Electroscope for Measuring the Radioactivity Soils PDF
R.R. Ramsey 307-309
The Cause of the Variation of the Emanation Content of Spring Water PDF
R.R. Ramsey 310-313
A Standard Condenser of Small Capacity PDF
R.R. Ramsey 314-316

Soil Science

Rate of Humification of Manures PDF
R.H. Carr 317-322


The Food of Nestling Birds PDF
Howard E. Enders, Will Scott 323-338
On the Change that Takes Place in the Chromosome in Mutating Stocks PDF
Roscoe R. Hyde 339-344
Some Preliminary Observations on the Oxygenless Region of Center Lake, Kosciusko Co., Ind. PDF
Herbert Glenn Imel 345-358
The Phytecology of Peat Bogs Near Richmond, Indiana PDF
M.S. Markle 359-376
A Report on the Lakes of the Tippecanoe Basin PDF
Will Scott 377-378

Additional Titles

A List of Plant Diseases of Economic Importance in Indiana with Bibliography PDF
F.J. Pipal 379-414
The Olympic Coal Fields of Washington PDF
Albert B. Reagan 415-418
The Olympic Forest and Its Potential Possibilities PDF
Albert B. Reagan 419-428
The Uredinales of Indiana PDF
H.S. Jackson 429-476

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