Vol 32 (1922)

Table of Contents

Academy Business

Officers, Committees, Spring Meeting Minutes, Winter Meeting Program, Winter Meeting Minutes PDF


Frank Barbour Wynn PDF
Robert W. McBride 23-28
Alexander Smith PDF
Robert Edward Lyons 29-34
Earl Jerome Grimes PDF
Harry F. Dietz 35-36

President's Address

Some Problems of Plant Physiology PDF
F.M. Andrews 37-56

Papers of the General Session

Francis Galton, Life and Work PDF
Robert Hessler 57-60
Life and Mind PDF
Robert W. McBride 61-68
Estimating the Comparative Richness of Indiana PDF
Stephen Sargent Visher 69-72
The Southern Ute Indians of Pine River Valley, Colorado PDF
Albert B. Reagan 73-74
Twinkling Star PDF
Albert B. Reagan 75-82

Geology and Geography

History of the Lakes Near LaPorte, Indiana PDF
W.M. Tucker 83-94
Abandoned Channels in Randolph and Delaware Counties, Indiana PDF
Frederick J. Breeze 95-98
Some Contrasts Between Geographic Regions in Indiana PDF
Stephen S. Visher 99-104
The Paleolithic Stone Age in Indiana PDF
S.F. Balcom 105-118
Recent Archeological Discoveries in Jefferson County, Indiana PDF
Glenn Culbertson 119-120
Archeology in Posey and Vanderburgh Counties PDF
A.J. Bigney 121-122
Goniobasis Livescens Menke, a Pleistocene Shell in Furnessville Blowout, Dunes of Porter County PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr. 123-124
A Review of the Present Knowledge of Fossil Scorpions with the Description of a New Species from the Pottsville Formation of Clay County, Indiana PDF
John Irwin Moore 125-134
Three New Brackish-Water Pliocene Mollusca from Louisiana PDF
Ernest Rice Smith 135-136

Physics and Chemistry

Qualitative Analysis - Tin Group PDF
Ralph W. Hufferd 137-140
The Effect of Non-Metallic Impurities on Cementite Distribution in Steel PDF
G.B. Wilson 141-146
A Study of, and a Modified Method for, Vogel's Reaction for Cobalt PDF
F.J. Allen, A.R. Middleton 147-152
Thiocyanatocobaltous Acid and its Alkali Salts PDF
F.J. Allen, A.R. Middleton 153-158
Evaporation of Solutions and Liquids in Burettes PDF
M.G. Mellon 159-164
The Use of Solutions of Inorganic Salts as Permanent Color Standards PDF
M.G. Mellon 164-172
An Improved Murexide Test for Teaching Purposes PDF
Samuel E. Earp 173-174
Fog Formation in Air Which Has Passed Through a Silent Discharge PDF
F.O. Anderegg, K.B. McEachron 175-177
An Oscillographic Study of an Induction Coil with High Frequency Load PDF
F.O. Anderegg, K.B. McEachron 178-180
A Type of Silent Discharge Involving Catalysis PDF
F.O. Anderegg, E.H. Bowers 181-186
A Further Study of Pressure Reversals in the Corona Discharge PDF
F.O. Anderegg 187-190
Improved Designs of Sound Condensers PDF
Arthur L. Foley 191-193
Locomotive Whistle Experiments PDF
Arthur L. Foley 193-194
A Method of Measuring the Amplification of Two or More Stage Amplifiers PDF
R.R. Ramsey 195-196
A Method of Securing Accurate High Frequency Standard PDF
R.R. Ramsey 197-198
An Investigation of the Foley Telephone Mouthpiece PDF
James E. Brock 199-204


The Occurrence of Secondary Parasitism in the Frog PDF
George Zebrowski 205-208
Notes on the Mammals of the Dune Region of Porter County, Indiana PDF
Marcus Ward Lyon, Jr. 209-222
Reactions to Light and Photoreceptors of Lumbricus Terrestris PDF
Walter N. Hess 223-224
Chromosomal Variations in the Earwig, Anisolabis Annuleipes Lucas PDF
W.P. Morgan 225-230
A Hygrothermograph Puzzle PDF
W.H. Larrimer 231-232


Nagana (Trypanosoma Brucei): The Course of the Disease in Laboratory Animals When Injected with Cultures Grown in Vivo and in Vitro PDF
Charles A. Behrens 233-246
The Use of Clark and Lubs Indicators for the Detection of Acid Production by the Colon-Typhoid Group PDF
P.A. Tetrault 247-252
Soil Bacterial Types and Green Manuring PDF
I.L. Baldwin, A.J. Smith 253-256
A Simple Method of Determining the Thermal-Death Point PDF
James B. Kendrick, Max W. Gardner 257-258


Unusual Stipules of Acer Nigrum Michx PDF
Flora Anderson 259-261
Development of the Sporogenous Tissue in the Foot of the Sporophyte of Porella Navicularis PDF
Flora Anderson 262-262
Plants New to Indiana, XI PDF
Chas. C. Deam 263-264
The Effect of Pressure on Growth PDF
F.M. Andrews 265-266
Chloroplasts of Martynia Fragans PDF
F.M. Andrews 267-268
Quantitative Estimation of Aeration in Leaves PDF
F.M. Andrews 268-270
An Unusual Iris PDF
F.M. Andrews 270
Second Blooming of Snowball Bush in the Same Year PDF
F.M. Andrews 270-272
The Convolvulaceae of Indiana PDF
Truman G. Yuncker 273-280
Plants of White County - V PDF
Louis F. Heimlich 281-290
The Ustilaginales of Indiana III PDF
H.S. Jackson 291-292
Recent Indiana Weeds PDF
Albert A. Hansen 293-295
Wild Corn, a Serious Weed in Indiana PDF
Albert A. Hansen 295-296
Polyembryony in Certain Nut Bearing Pines PDF
D.M. Mottier 297-298
Phytophthora Rot of Tomato, Eggplant, and Pepper PDF
James B. Kendrick 299-306
Differences in the Susceptibility of Clover to Powdery Mildew PDF
E.B. Mains 307-314
The Present Status of the Hot Water Treatment in Indiana PDF
C.T. Gregory 315-318
Onion Smut in Indiana PDF
C.T. Gregory 318-320
The Making of Genera in Fungi PDF
J.M. Van Hook 321-322
Notes on Microtechnique II PDF
M.S. Markle 323-324

Back Matter

Constitution, By-Laws, Members PDF