Vol 118, No 1 (2009)

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Front Matter

Editor, Editorial Board, Officers PDF
Indiana Academy of Science


The Trophic Status of Prairie Creek Reservoir: Implications for Resource Management PDF
Jarka Popovicova, Diana E. Fiallos Celi 1-12
Eschrichia Coli and Fecal Coliform Export Rates in Two Agricultural Watersheds of the U.S. Midwest PDF
M.A. Campbell, E. Soyeux 13-21


Forest Vegetation of Kokiwanee Nature Preserve, Wabash County, Indiana PDF
David J. Hicks, Teresa M. Michaelis 22-30
Distribution Records of Southern Indiana Vascular Plants III PDF
William E. Thomas, Richard H. Maxwell 31-38
The Vascular Flora and Plant Communities of the Bennett Wetland Complex in Henry County, Indiana PDF
Donald G. Ruch, Byron G. Torke, Benjamin R. Hess, Kemuel S. Badger 39-54
The Vascular Flora of Turkey Run State Park, Parke County, Indiana PDF
Richard K. Scott 55-75


Monitoring Gypsy Moth Pheromone Flake Canopy Through-Fall PDF
Dale R. Weigel, Todd Dempsey 76-80
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XIII) in Indiana in 2007 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.) PDF
Gene Kritsky, Jessee Smith 81-82
Observations on Periodical Cicadas (Brood XIV) in Indiana and Ohio in 2008 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Magicicada spp.) PDF
Gene Kritsky, Andrew Hoelmer, Margaret Noble, Troy Troutman 83-87
Mesocosm Evaluation of Western Mosquitofish Impacts on Northern Starhead Topminnows PDF
Trent Sutton, Rebecca A. Zeiber, Brant E. Fisher 88-95
Ratings of White-Tailed Deer Preferences for Woody Browse in Indiana PDF
Bruce Wakeland, Robert K. Swihart 96-101

Academy Business

Minutes, Financial Statement, Table of Contents, Instructions to Authors PDF