Vol 8, No 2 (2011)


Table of Contents


Front Matter PDF
Indiana Health Law Review Indiana Health Law Review
Vaccines and Drugs: A Brave New Tort World PDF
Catherine M. Sharkey
The Vaccine No-Fault Act: An Overview PDF
Robert L. Rabin
Administrative Compensation for Pharmaceutical –and Vaccine-Related Injuries PDF
James R. Copland
The Case Against Preemption: Vaccines & Uncertainty PDF
Mary J. Davis
The Case For Preemption: Why the U.S. Supreme Court and the Administration are Wrong to Curtail Implied Conflict Preemption PDF
Malcom E. Wheeler
AALS Torts and Compensation Systems Section William L. Prosser Award Bestowed Upon Guido Calabresi PDF
Catherine M. Sharkey
Comments by the Honorable Guido Calabresi, U.S. Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit PDF
Honorable Guido Calabresi
Perspective on Economic Critiques of Disability Law: The Multifaceted Federal Role in Balancing Equity and Efficiency PDF
Elizabeth Burleson
Hospital Tax-Exemption and the Community Benefit Standard: Considerations for Future Policymaking PDF
Bobby A. Courtney
Focusing on Fraud: The Federal Government Expands Its Use of the False Claims Act to Police Off-Label Pharmaceutical Promotion PDF
Kristin McCreary Eichel
Nanotechnology: How Voluntary Regulatory Programs Can Both Ease Public Apprehensions and Increase Innovation in the Midst of Uncertain Federal Regulations PDF
Katie Miller
Stem Cell Based Treatments and Novel Considerations for Conscience Clause Legislation PDF
Lucas Mlsna
Autism Insurance Reform: A Comparison of State Initiatives PDF
Melissa Stuart