Vol 5, No 2 (2008)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


A Proposal for Comprehensive Biobank Research Laws to Promote Transnational Medicine in Indiana PDF
Jennifer Girod, Katherine Drabiak
Strained Application of the Viability Standard to In Vitro Frozen Embryos-Deconstructing Jeter v. Mayo Clinic Arizona PDF
Brock J. Heathcotte


Finally Moving Beyond the Fiction: An Overview of the Recent State Rally for Health Care Reform PDF
Mark E. Douglas
Attorneys, Tell Your Clients to Say They're Sorry: Apologies in the Health Care Industry PDF
Robin E. Ebert
Your Money or Your Lifestyle!: Employers' Efforts to Contain Healthcare Costs - Lifestyle Discrimination Against Dependents of Employees? PDF
Brendan W. Miller
Mandating the Gardasil Vaccine: A Constitutional Analysis PDF
Kyra R. Wagoner


History, Recipients PDF
Indiana Health Law Review


Health Care Reform in America: Beyond Ideology PDF
George J. Annas
Transcript of the 2008 Live Symposium Panel Discussion PDF
James Buechler, Aaron Carroll, Matthew R. Gutwein, David Orentlicher, Eric Schmitz, Kevin Speer