Vol 6, No 1 (2009)


Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF


Altered Standards of Care for Health Care Providers in the Pandemic Influenza PDF
Eleanor D. Kinny, Heather A. McCabe, Amy Lewis Gilbert, Janna Jo Shisler
Paging King Solomon: Towards Allowing Organ Donation from Anencephalic Infants PDF
Faza Khan, Brian Lea


An Athlete's Right to Privacy Regarding Sport-Related Injuries: HIPPA and the Creation of the Mysterious Injury PDF
James Blake Hike
Laryngoscopes, Lidocaine, and Liability: The Absence of Immunity Protection for Prehospital Providers in Indiana PDF
Meghan A. Cox
Unfair and Harsh Results of Contributory Negligence Lives in Indiana: The Indiana Medical Malpractice System and the Indiana Comparative Fault Act PDF
Bruce D. Jones
Health Should Not Be a Determinative Factor of Whether One Will be a Suitable Adoptive Parent PDF
Brenda K. DeVries