Gender Equity? Differences in Athletes Perceptions of Equity in Sport

  • Janet S. Fink The Ohio State University
  • Donna L. Pastore The Ohio State University


This study was undertaken to determine student-athletes perceptions toward gender equity. A total of 161 NCAA Division IA student-athletes responded to a questionnaire regarding equity issues. To verify the subscale structure of the questionnaire, item-to-total correlations and internal consistency measures (Cronbach’s alpha; K-R 20s) were utilized. Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVAs) were utilized to analyze the gender equity measures with three subgroups, female student-athletes, football players, and male student-athletes of nonrevenue sports. The results of the multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVAs) revealed significant differences in perceptions of gender-equity issues between the subgroups. Football players rated several areas significantly higher than female athletes and male athletes of nonrevenue sports. The assessment of student-athletes perceptions toward gender equity may assist athletic departments in determining which areas of their sports programs are equitable and, in turn, be utilized to develop strategies that promote equity.