Accessible Tailgating: An Examination of ADA Requirements and Implications Associated with Tailgating Activities


  • Andy Gillentine University of South Carolina
  • John Grady University of South Carolina
  • John J. Miller Troy University
  • Karen Pettus University of South Carolina



Tailgating activities have been often positively connected to sports events. However, despite nearly 57 million individuals with disabilities that possess more than $200 billion of annual discretionary spending in the United States, research regarding accessibility to tailgating activities by individuals with disabilities has been lacking. Illustrative of the evolution of the scope of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, this article addresses the legal obligations as required by the ADA and other related laws as well as potential risk management recommendations to minimize legal issues concerning accessible tailgating. Using legal research methodology, significant issues of concern included the lack of institutional monitoring of the tailgate area and a disregard of parking issues for individuals with disabilities.






Original Research