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Emmert, Mark, University of Colorado at Denver
Enck, Henry S., Central Connecticut State University
Ender, Kenneth L., Cleveland State University
Englot, Anne Schaper, Rutgers University–Newark/Express Newark
Ersing, Robin, University of South Florida
Espinoza, Zuhey, California State University, Los Angeles
Eve, Susan Brown, University of North Texas
Evenbeck, Scott, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Evenbeck, Scott, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Ewell, Peter T., National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS)


Fabricant, Nicole, Towson University
Fahleson, Genger
Fairnie, Ian, Curtin University of Technology
Fairweather, James S., Pennsylvania State University
Fanuzzi, Robert
Farmer, Betty, Western Carolina University
Fear, Frank A., Michigan State University
Feld, Marcia Marker, University of Rhode Island
Feldman, Ann M., University of Illinois at Chicago
Feng, Jiuguang, Towson University
Feucht-Havier, Joyce, University of Virginia
Finkelstein, Marcia A., University of South Florida
Finnegan, Dorothy, Penn State University
Fischzang, Chantal, Rutgers University–Newark
Fisher, Mary L., Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

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