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Andes, Nancy, University of Alaska Anchorage
Andrade, Sally J., University of Texas at El Paso
Andreas, Rosalind E., University of Vermont
Andrews, Sona Karentz, Portland State University
Angelo, Thomas Anthony, Boston College
Appleberry, James B., American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Arcario, Paul, LaGuardia Community College
Arcario, Paul J.
Ardón, Ana M, National Latino Research Center at California State University San Marcos
Arevalo-Meier, Nora, Portland State University
Arfken, Deborah Elwell, deborah-arfken@utc.edu
Armour, Robert A., United Methodist Church
Arms, Valarie Meliotes, Drexel University
Arnoult, Philip, Towson State University
Arthur, Deborah Smith, Portland State University
Austrian, Ziona, Cleveland State University
Awe, Clara, University of Illinois


Baer, Michael A., American Council on Education
Baish, Carol
Baker, Sarah S., Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Balajee, Sonali Sangeeta, University of California, Berkeley
Barajas, Heidi Lasley, University of Minnesota
Bardo, John W., University of North Florida
Barnes, Beth, University of Central Florida
Barnes, Richard, University of Southern Maine

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