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Wright, Barbara D., University of Connecticut
Wright, Dianne, Florida Atlantic University
Wykoff, Leslie W., Washington State University Vancouver
Wylie, Neil R.
Wynne, Joan T., Florida International University


Yates, Melodie, Cleveland State University
Yep, Kathleen S., Pitzer College
Yonke, Annette, University of Illinois at Chicago
Youn, Ted, Boston College
Young, Kathryn, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Young, Peter, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Young, Staci, Medical College of Wisconsin
Young, Wendy B., University of Illinois at Chicago


Zainaldin, Jamil S., Federation of State Humanitites Councils
Zaleski, Jr., Ted, Baltimore County, Maryland
Zambo, Debby, Arizona State University
Zander, Douglas, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Zapata, Marisa, Portland State University
Zenk, Shannon N., University of Illinois at Chicago
Zerquera, Desiree D., University of San Francisco
Ziegler, Jerome, Cornelle University
Zimpher, Nancy, University of Cincinnati
Zimpher, Nancy L., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Zimpher, Nancy L., University of Cincinnati
Zirger, Billie Jo, University of Cincinnati

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