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Chamberlin, Gary D.
Chambers, Stephen, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Chang, Juvenna, Hawii School/University Partnership
Chao, Sheau-yueh J., City University of New York
Chavez, Vivian, San Francisco State University
Checkoway, Barry
Cheever, Jr., Daniel S.
Chickering, Arthur, George Mason University
Ching, Roberta J., California State University
Chism, Lauren P., Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Chism, Nancy, Indiana University Purdue University
Clark, Jill K., The Ohio State University
Clark, Richard, Bellevue, Washington, Public Schools
Clark, Richard, University of Washington
Clark-Ibanez, Marisol, National Latino Research Center at California State University San Marcos
Clay, Camille, Towson State University
Cleary, Marilyn A, Worcester State University
Clement, Dolores G., Medical College of Virginia
Coble, Charles R., University of North Carolina
Cohen, Howard
Colbourn, Trevor
Colbourn, Trevor, Metropolitan Universities Journal
Colbourn, Trevor, University of Central Florida
Cole, John C., University of Michigan
Coles, Ann, The Education Resources Institute

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