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Cairnduff, Annette, Foundation for Young Australians
Capaldi, Shannon, University of La Verne
Caret, Robert L., University System of Maryland
Castillo, David, Greater Oklahoma City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Cavallaro, Claire C., California State University, Fullerton
Cecil, Amanda, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Chalupka, Stephanie M, Worcester State University
Chan, Maureen Yin Lee, The Education University of Hong Kong
Chan, Yin Lee, The Education University of Hong Kong
Chen, Ziyan, University of Macau
Cherfrere, Gernissia, Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Cherney, Isabelle, Merrimack College
Chiu, Thera, Taipei Medical University
Chlebowski, Arthur, Univeristy of Southern Indiana
Cho, Youngjoo, Department of Applied Statistics, Konkuk University
Clark, Jill K., The Ohio State University
Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol, National Latino Research Center at California State University San Marcos
Clay, Camille, Towson State University
Cleary, Marilyn A, Worcester State University
Coleman, Jeffrey, Kennesaw State University
Collier, Peter, Portland State University
Collins, Samuel Gerald, Towson University
Comeau, Cherie L, Worcester State University
Conway-Turner, Katherine S., Buffalo State College
Costino, Kimberly, California State University, San Bernardino

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