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Jackson, Barbara D., Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Jacobs, Frederic, American University
Jacobus, Michelle Vazquez, University of Southern Maine at Lewiston Auburn College
Jacobus, Michelle Vazquez, University of Southern Maine at Lewiston-Aubern College
Jacobus, Michelle Vazquez
Jacoby, Barbara
Jacoby, Barbara, University of Maryland at College Park
Jacquez, Farrah M, University of Cincinnati
Jacquez, Farrah, University of Cincinnati
James, Patricia, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Janke, Emily, Moore Humanities and Research Administration
Janke, Emily M., University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Jay, Annemarie B.
Jeffres, Leo W., Cleveland State University
Jensen, Ejner J.
Jettner, Jennifer F., Virginia Commonwealth University
Jez, Evelyn A., Virginia Commonwealth University
Jhamb, Jordan, Pace University
Johnson, Daniel M., University of North Texas
Johnson, Knowlton, University of Louisville
Johnson, Lawrence, University of Cincinnati
Johnson, Raymond N., Portland State University
Johnson, Jr., Julius H., University of Missouri St. Louis
Jones, Bruce, University of Houston
Jones, Dennis P., National Center for Higher Education

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