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Lister, J. Richard, University of Illinois
Liu, Judith
Liu, Judith, University of San Diego
Lo Re, Mary L., Wagner College
Lockhart, Kris, 
University of Minnesota
Loeb, Roger C., University of Michigan- Dearborn
Logan, Kay, Portland State University
London, Howard B., Bridgewater State College
Long, Ada, Uiversity of Alabama at Birmingham
Long, Norma R., Towson State University
Longacre, Teri, University of Houston
Lopez, Ellen D. S., University of Florida
Lovett, Clara M., Northern Arizona University
Lubey, Lynn, Prince George's Community College
Luck, Michael F.
Ludeman, Roger B., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Ludwig, Meredith, American Association of State Colleges and Universities
Lumsden, Donald L., Kean College of New Jersey
Luo, Yupeng, California State University Fresno
Luter, D. Gavin, Wisconsin Campus Compact
Lyman, Gary, City of Boise, Idaho
Lynton, Ernest A
Lynton, Ernest A., University of Massachusetts at Boston
Lynton, Ernest A., University of Massachusetts, Boston
Lynton, Ernest A., Metropolitan Universities Journal

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