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Pacheco, Arturo, University of Texas at El Paso
Packer, Giles A., Central Connecticut State University
Palmer, Anne M., Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Palombaro, Kerstin M.
Panarese, Christine M., Boston Public Schools
Parker, Frank E., Teaching and Learning Center
Pattenaude, Richard L.
Pattenaude, Richard L., Central Connecticut State University
Patton, Carl V., Georgia State University
Peck, Jacqueline K., University of Akron
Peddle, Michael T., Northern Illinois University
Peeples, Edward H., Virginia Commonwealth University
Pelco, Lynn, Virginia Commonwealth University
Pelco, Lynn E., VCU
Pelco, Lynn E., Virginia Commonwealth University
Penney, Sherry H., University of Massachusetts Boston
Percy, Stephen, Portland State University
Perlman, Daniel H., Suffolk University
Perna, Laura W., University of Pennsylvania
Perry, David C., University of Illinois at Chicago
Perry, Jill Alexa, University of Pittsburgh
Perry, Lane, Western Carolina University
Peter, Kenneth B., San Jose State University
Peterson, C. Bjorn, Arizona State University
Peterson, Christina A., San Jose State University

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