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Raderstrong, Jeff, Living Cities
Raja, Samina, University at Buffalo
Ramaley, Judith, Portland State University
Ramaley, Judith A., Portland State University
Ramos, Amy L, Grossmont Community College
Reding, Tracie Evans, University of Nebraska Omaah
Reed, B. J., University of Nebraska Omaha
Reitenauer, Vicki, Portland State University
Reiter-Palmon, Roni, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Rentería Mendoza, Liliana, University of Central Oklahoma
Resler, Meghan, Virginia Commonwealth University
Rhatigan, James, Wichita State University
Rieder, Barry, Jane-Finch Community Ministries
Riley, Ryan, Communities in Schools Pennsylvania
Risk, Brittany, University of Michigan
Ritchie, Stephanie, University of Maryland, College Park
Robbins, Steven , Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Rodie, Steve, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Rooke, Alex, Virginia Commonwealth University
Rosing, Howard, DePaul University
Rosing, Howard, DePaul University
Ruble, Blair A., Vice President for Programs Woodrow Wilson Center

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