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Rome, Kevin, Morehouse College
Rooke, Alex, Virginia Commonwealth University
Root, Susan, RMC Research Corporation
Rosaen, Cheryl L., Michigan State University
Rosenthal, Rae, Essex Community College
Rosing, Howard, DePaul University
Rosing, Howard, DePaul University (United States)
Ross, Edna, University of Louisville
Ross, Frank E., Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Rothman, Nancy L., Temple University
Rousseau, Sylvia, University of Southern California
Royer, Charles, Harvard University
Rubin, Sharon G., Salisbury State University
Rubin, Victor, University of California, Berkeley
Rubin, Victor, University-Oakland Metropolitan Forum
Ruble, Blair A., Vice President for Programs Woodrow Wilson Center
Ruch, Charles, Virginia Commonwealth University
Ruch, Charles P.
Ruch, Charles P., Boise State University
Rudnick, Andrew J., Greater Buffalo Development Foundation
Russell, Jill F., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Russell, Jill F., Springfield College
Russell, Mary E., West Broadway Task Force
Ryan, John W., Indiana University
Ryan, Susan, University of Alaska Anchorage

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