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Whyte, Jenny, California State University Fresno
Widmar, Gary E., University of Missouri-Kansas City
Wiewel, Wim, University of Illinois at Chicago
Wiewel, Wim, Portland State University
Wiewel, Wim
Wilcox, F. Kim, University of Missouri- Kansas City
Wilhite, Stephen C., Widener University
Wilke, Trinitie, Medical College of Wisonsin
Willett, Lynette H., Bridgewater State College
Williams, Brian N., University of Georgia
Williams, Don, University of Washington
Williams, Gayle, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Williams, Jeannette, Midlands Technical College
Williams, Lee Burdette, University of Connecticut
Williams, Ronald C., Coppin State University
Wilson, R. J. T., University of Hertfordshire
Wimpelberg, Robert K., University of Houston
Winchell, Dick G., Eastern Washington University
Wines, Richard T., American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
Winkler, Henry R., University of Cincinnati
Winston, Mark, Rutgers University- Newark
Withrow, Frank, United States Department of Education
Wold, Donald C., University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Wolf, Kenneth, University of Colorado at Denver
Wolfe, Nancy, City College of San Francisco

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