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Posted: 2013-08-08

Indiana Libraries goes Open Access!

Beginning with Volume 29, No. 1, Indiana Libraries will be an Open Access journal.  To learn more about Open Access visit OASIS: Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook.  
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Vol 19, No 2 (2000)


Full Issue

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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Title Page, Table of Contents PDF


Introduction PDF
Sara Anne Hook 1


Intellectual Freedom: An Annotated Bibliography of Recent Materials PDF
Cindy Lee Stokes 2-6
Religion and Intellectual Freedom PDF
Doug Archer 7-10
Religion and Intellectual Freedom: A Response PDF
Barbara Luebke 11-12
Religion and Intellectual Freedom: A Response PDF
Christian Dupont 13-14
Intellectual Freedom and Libraries: An Overview and Update PDF
Candace D. Morgan 15-19
We Are Different: Intellectual Freedom in School Media Centers PDF
Linda E. Paul 20
Intellectual Freedom: A Reflection PDF
Sheila Suess Kennedy 21-23
Squarely On My Shoulders? PDF
Kathie Scott, Anne Gottbrath 24-25
Celebrating the Freedom to Read, Learn, Connect@The Library or Kids, Sex and the Internet -- Are They Synomymous? PDF
Ann K. Symons 26-28
Intellectual Freedom in the Elementary School PDF
Roseanne Cordell 29-31
When the Media Calls ... PDF
Karen E. Wilczewski 32-34

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