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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Format. Manuscript text is in 12-pt Times New Roman Font and double-spaced throughout with one-inch margins on all sides. Pages are unnumbered.
  • Style. Manuscript follows the 6th ed of the American Psychological Association (APA) guide for in-text citations.
  • Images/Photos. Permission to use graphic materials (illustrations, images, photographs, screen captures, etc.) has been obtained.

Author Guidelines

Instructions to Authors

Submissions: Submission to Indiana Libraries is a fully digital process.  Authors register with the Indiana Libraries journal website and submit all materials (manuscript, photographs, and any other supplemental files) through the online journal management system.

Style: Manuscripts should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) guide for in-text citations and reference lists.  The current edition of the APA manual is the 6th. Online information about using the APA Manual is available at www.apastyle.org/ with additional examples at: owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/02/.

Text Format: Articles should be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides. Font should be twelve-point Times New Roman. Pages should be unnumbered.   Word (.doc) files are preferred.

Content: Manuscripts may concern a current practice, policy or general aspect of the operation of a library system in Indiana.  Manuscripts should be original and not published elsewhere (unless otherwise permitted by the Editor or Guest Editor). Authors are responsible for the accuracy of all materials including quotations, references, etc.

Length: Articles of any length may be submitted to the editor for publication.

Charts and Graphs: If including charts or graphs the author may opt to use the inline, word processor chart/graph tool and include the charts/graphs in the main manuscript.  Alternatively the author may opt to upload the charts/graphs (typically when charts/graphs is an image file) separately as a supplementary file during the submission process.

Images/Photos: Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use graphic materials (illustrations, images, photographs, screen captures, etc.). Submit digital image files as supplementary files during the upload process.  Authors may submit photos of themselves and photos that illustrate the manuscript. Both color and black and white images are acceptable.  Images should be at least 300 dpi resolution and in either jpeg or tiff format.

Rights: You will be asked to digitally accept a rights agreement during the submission process.  The main points of the agreement are as follows: 1. The author retains all copyright, 2. The author grants the publisher the right to freely distribute the work in various formats.  The full agreement is available at: journals.iupui.edu/index.php/IndianaLibraries/about/submissions#copyrightNotice

Submission Information Requested:

During the submission process the author will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Title of article
  2. Name and email of author(s)
  3. Author(s) institutional affiliation
  4. Abstract
  5. Keywords describing article

Optional information requested includes:

  1. Author(s) address
  2. Author (s) brief biography
  3. Supporter/Grant funder information

Process: Manuscripts will be acknowledged by the Editor within fourteen working days of receipt. Decisions concerning publication will be made within thirty days of receipt. The Editor reserves the right to revise all accepted manuscripts for clarity and style.  Authors will have seven days to respond to Editor recommended revisions.  Article edits not responded to within seven days will be published as revised by the Editor.


Submitting Step-By Step

Registering with Indiana Libraries as an Author.

Manuscripts are submitted electronically at: www.indianalibrariesjournal.org. The submitter must first register with the journal submission system, creating a login and password.

  1. If you are not already registered as an author with the online submission system of Indiana Libraries, go to: http://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/IndianaLibraries/user/register to establish a username and password.  Fill out the registration form. Make sure you put a check mark in the box next to, ": Able to submit items to the journal" at the end of the onlie registration form.  This is what will enable you to submit your article immediately, without Publication Committee intervention.
  2. Once a username and password is established, go to: http://journals.iupui.edu/index.php/IndianaLibraries and login (you may already be logged in at this point).
  3. Click on User Home.
  4. Click on Author under the Indiana Libraries journal listing.
  5. Click on CLICK HERE under Start A New Submission.
  6. Follow the submission process.

Submitting the Article

  1. Under Journal Section, select Articles.
  2. Put a check mark in all of the boxes in the Submission Checklist indicating you have followed all criteria.
  3. Thouroughly read (and print) the Copyright Notice.  If you agree to the notice put a check mark in the box indicating so.  You will not be able to continue submitting online unless you agree to the Copyright Notice.  Please contact the Editor if you have any questions.
  4. Click the box, Save and Continue
  5. Add the author's information.  If there are multiple authors, each author will have his/her own author information form.  Click on Add Author to fill out additional author forms. When submitting information about the author(s) please include at least the institutional affiliation and email of the author(s)
  6. Enter your article's title.
  7. Enter an abstract for your article.
  8. Under Indexing, provide a list of keywords that describe your article, separating each keyword with a semicolon.
  9. If you would like to include information about a supporting agency (possibly a grant helped fund the project about which your article is written) you may do so here.  This is optional.
  10. Click Save and Continue
  11. Under Uploading the Submission, browse for the file on your computer or remote storage.
  12. When the correct file is located, click Upload File.
  13. Click Save and Continue
  14. If you have any Supplemental Files, including any images, charts, graphs, profile pictures, etc., upload each file separately here.
  15. Once you have uploaded all Supplemental Files, or if you have no Supplemental Files to upload, click Save and Continue.
  16. Click Finish Submission.

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.