• Stanley N. Grove


Abstracts included:

John H. Elder and D. James Morre. Observations on the Tertiary Structure of Ribosomes Released from Membranes of Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
David C. Evers and D. James Morre. Complex Gangliosides Bind Fibronectin
D. K. Hansen, W. Chaekal, and M. E. Hodes. Electrophoretic Study of the Deoxyribonuclease Activity of Human Urine
Zafar Iqbal. Characterization of A Fast Transported Calcium-Binding Protein in Mammalian Nerve
M. E. Jacobs. The Role of Beta-alanine in Pigmentation Polymorphisms
James S. Miller, Samuel 0. Ikharebha, Victor C. Gavino, George E.
Milo, and David G. Cornwell. Antioxidants, Fatty Acids and Oxidant
Stress, and the Control of Cell Proliferation in Culture
Kenneth C. Miller and Stanley N. Grove. Effects of Cytochalasins on Selected Species of Aspergillus and Mucor
Dorothy M. Morre, D. James Morre, and Martha Walter. Effect of
Vitamin A on the Hepatic Golgi Apparatus Architecture
Dorothy M. Morre and Ann L. Rosenthal. Distribution of Acid Phosphatase in Transplanted Hepatomas of the Rat
D. James Morre, Edward M. Croze, Cheryl Franz, and C. M. Eppler. Exocytosis: Routes and Kinetics of Delivery of Secretory and Membrane Proteins
Michael J. Stewart and Charles W. Goff. Comparative Cytochemical
Studies of Onion Root Tip with Specific and Non-specific Substrates for Nucleoside Diphosphatase(s)
James A. Sweigard and Stanley N. Grove. Cytochalasin A (0.1-1 ug/ml) rapidly halts Hyphal Tip Growth in Rhizoctonia solani
Martha Twaddle, Ralph A. Jersild, and D. James Morre. Kinetics of
Appearance of Lipoprotein Particles in Cisternae of Subsurface Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum of Isolated Rat Livers Perfused with Free Fatty Acid
Martin A. Vaughan and J. P. Braselton. Persistent Nucleoli in Various Meristems of Phaseolus aureus (mung bean)
Henry C. Womack and Mohinder S. Jarial. The Effect of Sympathectomy on the Structure of the Rat Pineal Gland

Cell Biology