• W. Herbert Senft


Abstracts included:

Robert L. Ball - Changes in Yellow Bass Growth Rates and Density During the First Ten Years of Its Establishment in Monroe Reservoir

Kenneth M. Brown - Habitat, Food, and Life History Overlap in Temporary Pond Snails: Evidence for Competition

Stephen R. Carpenter and Durland Fish - Detrital Dynamics Regulate Mosquito Production in Treehole Ecosystems

William Y. B. Chang - LImiting Nutrients and Primary Productivity

William Bliss Crankshaw - Attrition of White Ash in Red Pine Plantations in Eastern New York

Wiliam Bliss Crankshaw - Success of Bald Cypress Seedlings in the Drawdown Zone at Salamonie Reservoir

Dennis Devries - Effect of Habitat Productivity, Permanence, and Predation on the Life History of a Temporary Pond Snail

John S. Fezy and Richard W. Greene - Periphyton Productivity of Three Sample Sites along Juday Creek, St. Joseph County, Indiana

Stephen W. Fletcher - An Updated Evaluation of Sampling Efficiencies of Overstory Sampling Methods

Paul A. Glander and Thomas S. McComish - Macrophyte Induced Fluctuations of Water Chemistry in and East-Central Indiana Borrow Pit Lake

Joanne M. Payton and Richard W. Greene - A Comparison of the Effect of Aluminum on a Single Species Algal Assay and Indigenous Community Algal Toxicity Bioassay

Ken Roberts and W. Herbert Senft II - Growth and Phosphorus Uptake as A Function of Temperature in the Colonial Green Alga Volvox globator L.

Robert K. Rose - The Small Mammals of Spencer County, Indiana

Robert Schwarzwalder, Jr. - Trends in the Climatic Adaptations of Lichens

Bruce W. Schwenneker and Ronald A. Hellenthal - Seasonal, Spatial and Developmental Variability of Benthic Macroinvertebrates in A Northern Indiana Stream

W. Herbert Senft II and Arthur J. White - Spatial Patterning of A Volvox globator L. Population in A Northern Minnesota Pond

Patrick F. Sullivan and Stephen R. Carpenter - Relationships of Algal Trophic State Indices in Indiana Lakes and Reservoirs