Indiana Academy of Science


J. R. Gammon and D. S. White—The Effect of Limestone Sedi-ment on Macroinvertebrates

W. R. Eberly—The Conchostracan Lynceus (Crustacea) found
in Indiana

H. E. McReynolds—A Rationale for the Retention of Lake Shores
in a Natural State

R. E. Henzlik—Radionuclide Uptake and Retention Time as Re-lated to Epiphyllae in the Tropical Rain Forest

R. Petty—Two Quantitative Methods of Evaluating Natural Areas
and Predicting Magnitude of Change Following Modification
by Man

M. E. Health—Tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.) Winter
Pasture Developments on Fragipan Hill Soils of Southern

M. F. Bayer and W. B. Crankshaw—Physical and Chemical Factors Influencing the Ecology of Borrow Pits

W. R. Eberly—New Records for Craspedacusta in Indiana

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