• Ralph Jersild


Abstracts included:

E. J. Hinsman and K. Moe. The Fine Structure of the Ventral
Horn Neuron in the Calf Spinal Cord.

I. Watanabe, S. Donahue, and W. Zeman. An Intranuclear Structure in Neurons of Human Cerebral Cortex.

W. Yunghans and D. J. Morre'. Chemical Composition of Membrane Fractions Isolated from Rat Liver in Relation to Membrane Differentiation During Secretion.

K. M. Mak and R. A. Jersild. An Electron Microscopic Study of
Zinc Iodide-Osmium Staining of the Golgi Apparatus of Rat
Intestinal Epithelial Cells.

J. B. Whitten, Jr. The Ultrastructural Features of Intraoral
Lichen Planus, Simplex.

D. J. Niederpruem and R. A. Jersild. Direct Studies of Nuclear
Movements in Schizophyllum commune.

J. F. Schmedtje. Plasma Cell Antibody Against Bovine Serum
Albumin in the Rabbit Appendix as Revealed by the Fluorescent
Antibody Technique.

W. E. Stovall and G. L. Rosene. Tumor Cell Mitotic Activity in
Mice Treated with Antigenic Materials.

S. F. Smalley. Microimmunoelectrophoresis of Human Blood in
Regard to the Study of the Gc System.

G. Barski, J. W. Butler, and R. J. Thomas. Quantitative Measures of In Vitro Cell Mobility by Use of a Pattern Recognition Computer.


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Ralph Jersild
Cell Biology