• L. A. McGrew


Abstracts included:

R. M. Lawrence. X-Ray Diffraction Study of Aqueous Thallium
(III) Chloride.

F. J. Holler and R. D. Joyner. Studies of a Cyanamide Complex
of Iron (II).

R. L. Stover and R. D. Joyner. Phthalocyaninogermanium (II) and Other Phthalocyaninogermanium Compounds.

L. A. McGrew and S. C. Robling. A Kinetic Study of the Reaction
of Phenyl Isocyanate with Water.

B. N. Storhoff and J. R. Doyle. Organonitrile Complexes of Rhenium (I) and Manganese (I).

R. F. Copeland. Use of Computers in Undergraduate Physical

A. G. Cook and T. A. Hecht. Synthesis and Properties of [2.2.2]
Bicyclooctyl Enamines.

A. G. Cook and D. J. Schultz. Reduction of Selected Enamines
with Lithium Aluminum Hydride

Author Biography

L. A. McGrew