Vol 35, No 3 (2002)

National Symposium on Judicial Campaign Conduct and the First Amendment

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review i-ii


The Way Forward: Lessons from the National Symposium on Judicial Campaign Conduct and the First Amendment PDF
Indiana Law Review 649-658
Myth, Reality Past and Present, and Judicial Elections PDF
Roy A. Schotland 659-668
Television Ads in Judicial Campaigns PDF
Anthony Champagne 669-690
The Effects of Media-Based Campaigns on Candidate and Voter Behavior: Implications for Judicial Elections PDF
Shanto Iyengar 691-700
The Canons in the Courts: Recent First Amendment Rulings PDF
Robert M. O'Neil 701-724
"If Elected, I Promise [___]" -- What Should Judicial Candidates Be Allowed to Say? PDF
Stephen Gillers 725-734
Restrictions on the Speech of Judicial Candidates Are Unconstitutional PDF
Erwin Chemerinsky 735-746
Thoughts on the Democratic Basis for Restrictions on Judicial Campaign Speech PDF
Robert F. Bauer 747-754
Constitutional Issues in Disclosure of Interest Group Activities PDF
Deborah Goldberg, Mark Kozlowski 755-768
Compelled Disclosure of Independent Political Speech and Constitutional Limitations PDF
Jan Witold Baran 769-780
Judicial Campaign Conduct Committees PDF
Barbara Reed, Roy A. Schotland 781-806
Judicial Campaign Conduct Committees: Some Reservations About an Elegant Solution PDF
Steven Lubet 807-818
Public Funds and the Regulation of Judicial Campaigns PDF
Richard Briffault 819-844
A Commentary on Public Funds or Publicly Funded Benefits and the Regulation of Judicial Campaigns PDF
Lillian R. BeVier 845-850


Responding to the Perversion of In Loco Parentis: Using a Nonprofit Organization to Support Student-Athletes PDF
W. Burlette Carter 851-924
Quieting the Guilty and Acquitting the Innocent: A Close Look at a New Twist on the Right to Silence PDF
Gordon Van Kessel 925-988

Book Review

Moral Principles and Legal Practice PDF
Leslie Pickering Francis 989-1004
A Democracy for the Pursuit of Happiness PDF
David Ray Papke 1005-1020


The Development of the Undue Burden Standard in Stenberg v. Carhart: Will Proposed RU-486 Legislation Survive? PDF
Hilary Guenther 1021-1044
Restoring Civility—the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000: Baby Steps Towards a More Civilized Civil Forfeiture System PDF
Barclay Thomas Johnson 1045-1084
The Emergence of Divergence: The Federal Court's Struggle to Apply Heck v. Humphrey to § 1983 Claims for Illegal Searches PDF
Paul D. Vink 1085-1110

ISSN: 0090-4198