Vol 48, No 1 (2014)

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In Windsor's Wake: Section 2 of DOMA's Defense of Marriage at the Expense of Children PDF
Tanya Washington 1-64
Fake It till You Make It: A Justification for Intellectual Property "Piracy" PDF
Llewellyn Joseph Gibbons 65-101


Introduction: Governing Choices in the Face of a Generational Storm PDF
Cynthia A Baker 103-110
Aging Populations and Physician Aid in Dying: The Evolution of State Government Policy PDF
David Orentlicher 111-123
What the Future of Aging Means to All of Us: An Era of Possibilities PDF
Rebecca C Morgan 125-148
The Open Government Clinic: Teaching the Basics of Lawyering PDF
Marc Rotenberg, Ginger McCall, Julia Horwitz 149-185
Taking the Personal Out of Data: Making Sense of De-Identification PDF
Yianni Lagos 187-203
Privacy in the Digital Age PDF
D. Brent Waltz 205-211
Big Data: Catalyst for a Privacy Conversation PDF
Joseph Jerome 213-242


Criminalizing Bullying: Why Indiana Should Hold the Bully Responsible PDF
Alicia K Albertson 243-271
The Quiet Crisis: The Kernan-Shepard Report and Indiana's Need to Eliminate Township Government PDF
Patrick M Cline 273-312
Peremptory Challenges to Jurors Based on Sexual Orientation: Preempting Discrimination by Court Rule PDF
Esther J Last 313-337
Allowing Patent Validity Challenges Despite No-Challenge Clauses: Fulfilling the Will of King Lear PDF
Dylan Pittman 339-367

ISSN: 0090-4198