Vol 43, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


A Letter from Gerald L. Bepko and His Wife, Jean, in Celebration of Sharon and Lawrence P. Wilkins Who Have Been Friends for Twenty-Nine Years PDF
Gerald L. Bepko, Jean Bepko 269-272
An Appreciation of Larrie Wilkins PDF
Paul N. Cox, Susanah M. Mead 273-276
Tribute to Professor Lawrence P. Wilkins PDF
Jeffrey W. Grove 277-278
Tribute Lawrence P. Wilkins PDF
Florence Wagman Roisman 279-280
Legacy: Professor Lawrence P. Wilkins PDF
William J. Woodward, Jr. 281-284


Physicians and Patients Who "Friend" or "Tweet": Constructing a Legal Framework for Social Networking in a Highly Regulated Domain PDF
Nicolas P. Terry 285-342
Voter Deception PDF
Gilda R. Daniels 343-388
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in the Ultimate Year of Its Decade of Resurgence PDF
Mike Koehler 389-422

Book Review

Review Essay: The Disintegration of the Idea of Human Rights PDF
R. George Wright 423-440

Special Section

Honoring the Legacies of Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., and Justice Thurgood Marshall A Panel Discussion Presented by the Indianapolis Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society PDF
Gavin M. Rose 441-466


Recalling What Congress Forgot: Ledbetters Continuing Applicability in FHA Design-and-Construction Cases and the Need for a Consistent Legislative Respons PDF
Laura Katherine Boren 467-498
You Shall Always Be My Child: The Due Process Implications of Paternity Affidavits My PDF
Kayla Britto 499-531

ISSN: 0090-4198