A New Team, A New Vision: One Library's Adventures in Outreach


  • Ashley Clark University of Southern Indiana
  • Marna Hostetler University of Southern Indiana
  • Katie Loehrlein University of Southern Indiana


Outreach, Committees, Library Spaces, Academic Libraries


What can a medium-sized academic library accomplish in terms of campus outreach?  Quite a lot, as it turns out!  The David L. Rice Library at the University of Southern Indiana focuses its outreach activities in three major areas:  events and promotions held during the academic year, such as Banned Books Week and Blind Date With A Book; dedicated spaces within the library, such as the Info Wall and displays; and partnerships between the library and other departments on campus.  With our outreach activities, we hope to reach more students and potential patrons; to make contact with them in ways that are meaningful;  to help individuals and campus groups feel more comfortable with the library and its staff; and to promote reading as well as increase literacy.  This article will detail the library’s outreach activities; the creation of a committee to support publicity, outreach, and marketing; the outreach process; new approaches to reaching the library’s community; and ideas for forming partnerships with other on-campus entities.

Author Biographies

Ashley Clark, University of Southern Indiana

Instructional Services Librarian

David L. Rice Library

Marna Hostetler, University of Southern Indiana


David L. Rice Library

Katie Loehrlein, University of Southern Indiana

Chair of the Publicity, Outreach, and Marketing Committee Library Assistant, Acquisitions

David L. Rice Library