Get Hired! Academic Library Outreach for Student Job Seekers


  • Christina Sheley Indiana University-Bloomington


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This article briefly outlines academic library outreach initiatives that engage student job seekers and reports on the Business/SPEA Information Commons’ (Indiana University-Bloomington) HIRE ED research consultation service, developed in February 2012, for undergraduate, business students pursuing internships or full-time employment. Service parameters were informed by faculty and corporate recruiter feedback and student need. Consultations are personalized interactions that provide company and industry information desirable for interview preparation. Marketing and promotion is done in partnership with the Kelley School of Business’ Undergraduate Career Services Office and other entities. HIRE ED has garnered approximately 200 appointments to date, and preliminary assessment indicates that users are extremely satisfied with the overall experience and results. 

Author Biography

Christina Sheley, Indiana University-Bloomington

Head, Business/SPEA Information Commons

Assistant Librarian