Vol 30, No 1 (2011)

Special Issue of Indiana Libraries for Instructional Design and Technology

Table of Contents


From the Guest Editor's Desk PDF
Susan M. Frey 5-7


Identity Crisis: Librarian or Instructional Technologist? PDF
Ryan L. Sittler 8-14
Introduction to Instructional Design: A Brief Primer PDF
Nancy Wootton Colborn 15-19
Technology and Learner Motivation in Library Instruction: A Study of Personal Response Systems PDF
Michelle Hudson, Laurie McGowan, Cheri Smith 20-27
Using Online Games to Fight Plagiarism: A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down PDF
Mary J. Snyder Broussard, Jessica Urick Oberlin 28-39
Social Software for Training and Managing Reference Staff PDF
Jason Coleman, Danielle Theiss-White, Melia Erin Fritch 40-48
Facilitating Critical Thinking and Self-Reflection: Instructional Strategies for Strengthening Students' Online Research Skills PDF
Susan M. Frey 49-56
Perusing the Past: My Days with a Digital Memory Project PDF
Kaelynn Hayes 57-61
The Development of an Online Plagiarism Tutorial PDF
Kenetha J. Stanton, Sally Neal 62-66
Design Your Library Video Like a Hollywood Blockbuster: Using Screenplay Structure to Engage Viewers PDF
Leo S. Lo 67-72
The Role of an Instructional Design Specialist in an Academic Library: Interview with Dr. Les Lunce PDF
Kate McMillan 73-74
Taking the Library Extravaganza Online PDF
Anthony Kaiser 75-76
Digital Storytelling as an Educational Tool PDF
Carol Lunce 77-80
Recommended Reading: Primary Schools and ICT: Learning from Pupil Perspectives PDF
Janice Gustaferro 81-82
Recommended Reading: Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology PDF
Susan M. Frey 83

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