Vol 32, No 1 (2013): Special Issue of Indiana Libraries: Intellectual Freedom & Censorship

Special Issue Editor J. Douglas Archer

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Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Doug Archer 5


The Freedom to Read PDF
Kent Oliver 6-7
Intellectual Freedom: Moving Beyond Freedom From. . . to Freedom To. . . . PDF
Barbara K. Stripling 8-12
Libraries and Strong Democracy: Moving from an Informed to a Participatory 21st Century Citizenry PDF
Nancy Kranich 13-20
“How We Came to Love Books”: Not With Labels and Not With Emoticons PDF
Barbara M. Jones, Pat Scales 21-24
Missing the Boat: Journalists, Librarians, and Intellectual Freedom PDF
Evan Davis 25
The First Amendment and Internet Filtering in Public Libraries PDF
Gretchen Kolderup 26-29
Free to Choose: Reflections on Challenged and Challenging Books PDF
Jen Selinsky 30-31
A Decade of Change: From Student to President, but Always an Intellectual Freedom Advocate PDF
Martin Garnar 32-33
Privacy, Libraries, and Engaging the Public: ALA’s Choose Privacy Week Initiative PDF
Angela Maycock 34-36
A Fresh Look at Privacy — Why Does It Matter, Who Cares, and What Should Librarians Do about It? PDF
Trina Magi 37-41
Are Libraries Compromising Reader Privacy with Circulation Reminders? PDF
Robert P. Holley 42-44
Fundamental Freedoms, Library Services, and Multi-Lingual Populations PDF
Loida Garcia-Febo 45-46
Religion, the First Amendment and America's Public Libraries PDF
Doug Archer 47-60
Freedom to Read Statement PDF
American Library Association & Association of American Publishers 61-63
Library Bill of Rights PDF
_ American Library Association 64

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