Vol 8, No 2 (1989)


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Front Matter

Title Page, Publication Information, Table of Contents PDF


Introduction PDF
Susan Jackson 3-4


Beyond the Walls PDF
Kathleen E. Burgess, Mary Ann Mrozoski 5-9
Programming for Children in Knox County PDF
Maxine Dean 10-12
Effective Programs for Children in the Public Library PDF
Linda M. Garber 13-15
Volunteer Programs for Young Readers in Southeast Indiana PDF
Ruth A. Houghton, Pamela W. Federspiel 16-19
We Are All Storytellers: Continuing the Tradition through the Public Library PDF
Susan Marley 20-22
Children Are Patrons Too: A Soft Touch in Children's Services PDF
Mary Ann Hunsbetger 23-27
Suggestions from around the State PDF
Leslie Massey, DaleAnne Cantrell, Wava J. Furlong, Celesta A. Dudley 28-30
A Special Outreach PDF
Jean Andres 31-32
Books Make a Difference PDF
Martha R. Miller 33-36
Catch Them While They're Young PDF
Jan Gillespie 37-41
Creative Ideas for Latch-Key and Unattended Children in the Public Library PDF
Carol J. McMichael 42-46
Choosing and Using Children's Literature with Preschoolers: A Workshop PDF
Wava J. Furlong, Kathie Myers 47-50
Musing Upon ''The Year of the Young Reader" PDF
Jean Ann Young 51-52
Indiana History: A Booklist for Fourth Grade PDF
Winnie Adler, Dianne Lawson 53-58
Little Pretty Pocket Books: The Lilly Library's Elisabeth Ball Collection of Historical Children's Material PDF
Elizabeth L. Johnson 59-63
Toys Promote Learning in the Early Literacy Skills Project at Monroe County Public Library PDF
Ginny Richey, Katharyn Tuten-Puckett 64-70
Cooperative Efforts Extend Resources: Three Approaches PDF
Marti Mosemiller, Denise J. Swineheart 71-77
A Survey of Cooperation and Communication Between Public and School Librarians in Indiana and Beyond PDF
Daniel Callison, Judy Fink, Greg Hager 78-86
School Library/Public Library Cooperation A Selective Annotated Bibliography 1979-88 PDF
Judy Fink 87-89
Components of Cooperation: Schools and Public Libraries Link for Enhanced Service and Information Access for Youth PDF
Frances R, Weinstein, W. Lawrence Thwing 90-95
Small Public Libraries Can Cooperate Too! PDF
Ann Herold-Short 96-98
"Establishing An Atmosphere for Success" PDF
Susan Dailey 99-103
The "Before" and "After" of a Children's Librarian PDF
Janice D. Coffeen 104-108

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Submission Guidelines PDF

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