Vol 10, No 1 (1991)


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Authority Control in the Online Environment: An Introduction PDF
Betsy N. Hine 2-6
Some Authority Control Issues in Public Libraries PDF
Janet L. Hartzell 7-12
The Transition to Automated Authority Control in tlie Smaller Academic Library PDF
Steven A. Mussett 13-17
Name Authority Control at Indiana University Libraries PDF
Sylvia Turchyn 18-24
Authority Control in the Multi-Institution Environment PDF
Sally Baker, Pam Firestone 25-32
Uniform Title Authority: When You Automate, Some Reasons to Think About It PDF
Nancy L. Eckerman 33-40
Series Authorities at Notre Dame: Conversion and Current Work PDF
Tom Lehman 41-48
Authority Work at Butler University: Preparing for a Future Online Enviroment PDF
Judy Siehl Hill 49-72

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