Vol 17, No 4 (1984)

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Indiana Law Review


Right to Refuse Antipsychotic Medication: A Proposal for Legislative Consideration PDF
Vicki Anderson 1035-1063
The Constitutionality of Roadblocks Conducted to Detect Drunk Drivers in Indiana PDF
Bradley S. Fuson 1065-1094
Prejudgment Interest for Personal Injury Litigants: A Summons for Indiana Lawmakers PDF
Mitzi H. Martin 1095-1118
Taking Roe to the Limits: Treating Viable Feticide as Murder PDF
Tracy A. Nelson 1119-1142
The Admissibility of Rape Trauma Syndrome Expert Testimony in Indiana PDF
Colleen Elizabeth Tonn 1143-1166
Title IX and Its Funding Termination Sanction: Defining the Limits of Federal Power Over Educational Institutions PDF
Wayne C. Turner 1167-1198

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Indiana Law Review

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