Vol 19, No 1 (1986)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Erhardt v. State: Nude Dancing Stripped of First Amendment Protection PDF
Jeffrey A. Been 1-16
Environmental Law—Legislative Developments PDF
Bryan G. Tabler, Renee Mawhinney McDermott 17-32
Intoxication Roadblocks PDF
R. George Wright 33-46
Summary Driver's License Suspensions PDF
R. George Wright 47-54
Public Policy and Antitrust Enforcement in the Health Industry PDF
Mildred L. Calhoun 55-66
Developments in Business Associations Law PDF
Paul J. Galanti 67-98
Changes in the Uniform Commercial Code PDF
Daniel E. Johnson 99-114
Senate Enrolled Act No. 1: A New Era of Banking Expansion in Indiana PDF
Susan Barnhizer Rivas, David P. Lewis 115-138
Insurance Companies and Work Product Immunity Under Trial Rule 26(B)(3): Indiana Adopts A Fact-Sensitive Approach PDF
Brian L. Woodward 139-146
The Defense of Voluntary Intoxication: Now You See It, Now You Don't PDF
Susan D. Burke 147-158
Inequitable Treatment of Ineffective Assistance Litigants PDF
Richard Van Rheenen 159-170
Antenuptial Agreements After In re Marriage of Boren PDF
David B. Hughes 171-190
Legislative Developments in Family Law PDF
Molly P. Rucker 191-198
Recovery of Punitive Damages Against Insurance Companies PDF
Stephen E. Arthur 199-206
It Was No Accident That PDF
Joseph M. Forte 207-214
Developments in Employment Discrimination Law PDF
Lynn Brundage Jongleux 215-234
Teacher Collective Bargaining PDF
Janet L. Land 235-240
Recent NLRB Developments PDF
David L. Swider 241-258
Discipline of Attorneys for Personal Misconduct PDF
Donna H. Fisher, William G. Hussmann 259-274
Indiana's Development of a Definitive Legal Malpractice Statute of Limitations PDF
Donald L. Jackson 275-284
Indiana's Living Wills and Life-Prolonging Procedures Act PDF
Jeffrey B. Kolb 285-298
Housing Code Violations and Tenant Remedies PDF
Walter W. Krieger 299-324
Asbestosis Amendment to the Occupational Diseases Act: Palliative or Cure PDF
Dennis F. Cantrell 325-340
A Limited Discovery Rule for Indiana: Barnes v. A.H. Robins Company PDF
Jordan H. Leibman 341-382
Is the Danger Really Open and Obvious? PDF
Roger L. Pardieck, Sharon L. Hulbert 383-402
1985 Amendments to the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act PDF
Robin B. Stickney 403-416
Dram Shop Liability in Indiana: Analysis of Ashlock V. Norris and the New Civil Statute PDF
Teresa L. Todd 417-438
The Indiana Mandatory Seatbelt Use Law and Its Effect upon Automobile Tort Litigation PDF
Lawrence P. Wilkins 439-455

ISSN: 0090-4198