Vol 19, No 4 (1986)

Symposium on Financing and Regulating Health Care Services: Hard Choices and Ethical Dilemmas

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Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


Foreword PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney, Barbara McCarthy Green 853-855
Coverage and Care for the Medically Indigent: Public and Private Options PDF
Randall R. Bovbjerg, William G. Kopit 857-917
State Hospital Cost Containment: An Analysis of Legislative Initiatives PDF
Carl J. Schramm 919-954
Liver Transplantation in Massachusetts: Public Policymaking as Morality Play PDF
Clark C. Havighurst, Nancy M. P. King 955-987
The Lithotripsy Game in North Carolina: A New Technology Under Regulation and Deregulation PDF
Clark C. Havighurst, Robert S. McDonough 989-1024
Full Circle: The Return of Certificate of Need Regulation of Health Facilities to State Control PDF
James B. Simpson 1025-1127
Reform Revisited: A Review of the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act Ten Years Later PDF
James D. Kemper, Myra C. Selby, Bonnie K. Simmons 1129-1150
Making Hard Choices Under the Medicare Prospective Payment System: One Administrative Model for Allocating Medical Resources Under a Government Health Insurance Program PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney 1151-1197
Bowen v. American Hospital Association: Federal Regulation Is Powerless to Save Baby Doe PDF
Dennis F. Cantrell 1199-1218


Denying Hospital Privileges to Non-Physicians: Does Quality of Care Justify a Potential Restraint of Trade? PDF
Gayle Reindl 1219-1251

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Indiana Law Review iii-xi

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