Vol 28, No 2 (1995)

Centennial Symposium Issue

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Symposium: Then, Now and into the Future: A Century of Legal Conflict and Deveolpment PDF
Lawrence P. Wilkins 135-138
Introduction PDF
Ann Marie Piscione 139-142
Fragments From Our Fleece: Vignettes From 100 Years in a Great Law School PDF
William F. Harvey 143-160
History of the Indiana University School of Law— Indianapolis PDF
Ronald W. Polston 161-182
A Short History of Hearsay Reform, with Particular Reference to Hoffman v. Palmer, Eddie Morgan and Jerry Frank PDF
Michael Ariens 183-226
The New Woman Lawyer and the Challenge of Sexual Equality in Early Twentieth-Century America PDF
Virginia D. Drachman 227-258
Looking Backward, Looking Foreward: A Century of Legal Change PDF
Lawrence M. Friedman 259-272
Balancing Acts: Crisis, Change, and Continuity in American Family Law, 1890-1990 PDF
Michael Grossberg 273-308
The Warren Court: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow PDF
Kermit L. Hall 309-328
Why the Nuisance Knot Can't Undo the Takings Muddle PDF
Louise A. Halper 329-352
One Hundred Years of Modern Legal Thought: From Langdell and Holmes to Posner and Schlag PDF () PDF
Gary Minda 353-390
Law and Endangered Species: Is Survival Alone Cause for Celebration? PDF
John Henry Schlegel 391-412


Medical Malpractice Acts' Statutes of Limitation as the Apply to Minors: Are they Proper? PDF
Scott A. DeVries 413-446
Indiana's Neglect of a Dependent Statute: Uses and Abuses PDF
Kenneth D. Dwyer 447-476
Proposal for a "Lawful" Public School Curriculum: Preventive Law From a Societal Perspective PDF
Patricia L. Van Dorn 477-501

ISSN: 0090-4198