Vol 31, No 2 (1998)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Cyberdoctors: The Virtual Housecall—The Actual Practice of Medicine on the Internet Is Here; Is It a Telemedical Accident Waiting to Happen? PDF
Barbara J. Tyler 259-290
The Crisis in the Ideology of Crime PDF
John J. Diamond 291-312
The Common Fund Doctrine: Coming of Age in the Law of Insurance Subrogation PDF
Johnny Parker 313-338
Trade Secrets in Indiana: Property vs. Relationship PDF
Lynn C. Tyler 339-352
The Justice System in Jeopardy: The Prohibition on Government Appeals of Acquittals PDF
Joshua Steinglass 353-384


Analyzing Minimum Contacts Through the Internet: Should the World Wide Web Mean World Wide Jurisdiction? PDF
Michael E. Allen 385-412
Title VII and Reverse Discrimination: The Prima Facie Case PDF
Janice C. Whiteside 413-443

ISSN: 0090-4198