Vol 31, No 4 (1998)

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Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review 893-895


The Mythology of Waivers of Bankruptcy Privileges PDF
Thomas G. Kelch, Michael K. Slattery 897-936
Reevaluating Substantive Due Process as a Source of Protection for Psychiatric Patients to Refuse Drugs PDF
William M. Brooks 937-1018
Health Care Information Technology and Informed Consent: Computers and the Doctor-Patient Relationship PDF
Frances H. Miller 1019-1042


Indiana's Medical Malpractice Reform Revisited: A Limited Constitutional Challenge PDF
Eleanor D. Kinney 1043-1050
Judicial Policy and Quantitative Research: Indiana's Statute of Limitations for Medical Practitioners PDF
Randall R. Bovbjerg, Joel M. Schumm 1051-1088
Appendix 1: Brief of Amicus Curiae Indiana Trial Lawyers Association PDF
Laurence H. Tribe, Roger L. Pardieck 1089-1098
Appendix 2: Brief of Amicus Curiae Indiana State Medical Association PDF
David C. Jensen, Sherry L. Clarke 1099-1106


Eight Years After Milkovich: Applying a Constitutional Privilege for Opinions Under the Wrong Constitution PDF
M. Eric Eversole 1107-1132
Interpretation of Patent Process Claims in Light of the Narrowing Effect of 35 U.S.C. ยง 112(6) PDF
Brad A. Schepers 1133-1166
Economics and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: The Influence of Funding Formulas on the Identification and Placement of Disabled Students PDF
Theresa M. Willard 1167-1188
Striking Back at "Extortionate" Securities Litagation: Silicon Graphics Leads the Way to a Truly Heightened and Uniform Pleading Standard PDF
Michael A. Dorelli 1189-1217

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