Vol 32, No 3 (1999)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Moving the Rock: The Constant Need to Re-Invent the Profession Using the Nation's Judiciary as Leaders PDF
Randall T. Shepard 591-598
An Examination of the Indiana Supreme Court Docket, Dispositions, and Voting in 1998 PDF
Kevin W. Betz, Mark A. Lindsey 599-612
1998 Bankruptcy Law Update for Seventh Circuit Practitioners PDF
Timothy A. Ogden 613-628
1998 Update of Federal Civil Practice for Seventh Circuit Practitioners PDF
John R. Maley 629-646
State and Federal Constitutional Law Developments PDF
Rosalie Berger Levinson 647-686
1998 Survey of Indiana Contract and Business Law PDF
Joseph R. Alberts, John W. Hamilton 687-764
Contract Damages as Substitute for Full Performance PDF
James P. Nehf 765-788
Recent Developments in Indiana Criminal Law and Procedure PDF
Joel M. Schumm 789-810
Recent Developments in Indiana Evidence Law PDF
Jeffrey A. Cooper 811-840
Health Care Law: A Survey of Significant 1998 Developments PDF
John C. Render, James B. Hogan 841-872
Indiana Appellate Procedure in 1998 PDF
Michael A. Wilkins, A. Richard M. Blaiklock 873-890
Survey of Recent Developments in Insurance Law PDF
Richard K. Shoultz 891-908
Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law PDF
Christopher A. Brown 909-926
Recent Developments in the Indiana Law of Product Liability PDF
R. Robert Stommel, Dina M. Cox 927-950
Survey of 1998 Developments in the Law of Professional Responsibility PDF
Charles M. Kidd 951-972
Recent Developments in Property Law PDF
Michael A. Dorelli, Joseph C. Bowman 973-1002
1998 Developments in Indiana Taxation PDF
Lawrence A. Jegen III, Gregory J. Duncan 1003-1060
Recent Developments in Indiana Tort Law PDF
Tammy J. Meyer, Kyle A. Lansberry 1061-1096
Trusts and Decedents' Estates PDF
Cynthia Adams 1097-1118
1998 Survey of the Uniform Commercial Code in Indiana PDF
Harold Greenberg 1119-1136
Recent Developments in Worker's Compensation Law PDF
Carol Modisett Wyatt 1137-1148


Twenty-first Century Challenges for Law and Public Health PDF
Barry S. Levy 1149-1160

ISSN: 0090-4198