Vol 33, No 4 (2000)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Why Changing the Supreme Court's Mandatory Jurisdiction Is Critical to Lawyers and Clients PDF
Randall T. Shepard 1101-1108
An Examination of the Indiana Supreme Court Docket, Dispositions, and Voting in 1999 PDF
Kevin W. Betz, Mark A. Lindsey 1109-1122
1999 Developments in Federal Civil Practice for Seventh-Circuit Practitioners PDF
John R. Maley 1123-1142
State and Federal Constitutional Law Developments PDF
Rosalie Berger Levinson 1143-1178
1999 Survey of Indiana Contract Law PDF
Jana K. Strain 1179-1196
Recent Developments in Indiana Criminal Law and Procedure PDF
Joel M. Schumm, James A. Garrard 1197-1232
Survey of Employment Law Developments for Indiana Practitioners PDF
Susan W. Kline 1233-1274
Recent Developments in Indiana Appellate Procedure: New Appellate Rules, a Constitutional Amendment, and a Proposal PDF
George T. Patton Jr. 1275-1310
Survey of Recent Developments in Insurance Law PDF
Richard K. Shoultz, Lisa Dillman 1311-1330
Survey of Recent Developments in Indiana Product Liability Law PDF
Joseph R. Alberts 1331-1364
Survey of the Law of Professional Responsibility PDF
Charles M. Kidd, Greg N. Anderson 1365-1404
Reconstructing Property Law in Indiana: Altering Familiar Landscapes PDF
Lloyd T. Wilson Jr. 1405-1454
Developments in Indiana Taxation PDF
Lawrence A. Jegen III, Kendall S. Schnurpel 1455-1496
Recent Developments in Telecommunications Law PDF
Angela D. O'Brien 1497-1544
Recent Developments in Indiana Tort Law PDF
Tammy J. Meyer, Kyle A. Lansberry 1545-1610
Survey of 1999 Indiana Cases on the Uniform Commercial Code PDF
Judy L. Woods 1611-1624
1998-1999 Brings New Developments to Indiana's Worker's Compensation Law PDF
Carol Modesitt Wyatt 1625-1642
Beyond Dead Reckoning: Measures of Medical Injury Burden, Malpractice Litigation, and Alternative Compensation Models from Utah and Colorado PDF
David M. Studdert, Troyen A. Brennan, Eric J. Thomas 1643-1686

ISSN: 0090-4198