Vol 41, No 4 (2008)

Survey of Recent Developments In Indiana Law

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Now or Never: Reforming Indiana's Court System PDF
John G. Baker 817-838
An Examination of the Indiana Supreme Court Docket, Dispositions, and Voting in 2007 PDF
Mark J. Crandley, P. Jason Stephenson, Carl Butler 839-852
Developments in Indiana Appellate Procedure: Appellate Rule Amendments, Remarkable Case Law, and Refining Our Indiana Practice PDF
Bryan H. Babb, Stephen A. Starks 853-882
Recent Developments in Indiana Civil Procedure PDF
Michael A. Dorelli, Daniel K. Burke 883-922
Indiana Constitutional Developments: Incremental Change PDF
Jon Laramore 923-954
Recent Developments in Indiana Criminal Law and Procedure PDF
Joel M. Schumm 955-996
Recent Developments in Indiana Evidence Law PDF
Jeff Papa 997-1020
Recent Developments: Indiana Family Law PDF
Michael G. Ruppert, Joseph W. Ruppert, Joni L. Sedberry 1021-1080
Survey of Recent Developments in Health Law PDF
Ice Miller 1081-1114
Survey of Recent Developments in Insurance Law PDF
Richard K. Shoultz, Lewis S. Wooton 1115-1138
Developments in Intellectual Property Law PDF
Christopher A. Brown 1139-1164
Survey of Recent Developments in Indiana Product Liability Law PDF
Joseph R. Alberts, James Petersen, Robert B. Thornburg 1165-1212
Survey of the Law of Professional Responsibility PDF
Greg N. Anderson 1213-1236
Recent Developments in Indiana Real Property Law PDF
Tanya D. Marsh 1237-1270
Recent Developments in Indiana Taxation PDF
Lawrence A. Jegen III, Meredith A. Devlin, Tom D. Conley 1271-1344
Recent Developments in Indiana Tort Law PDF
Ann L. Thrasher Papa 1345-1374

ISSN: 0090-4198