Vol 43, No 4 (2010)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

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Indiana Law Review


Following Transformation's Thread: Reflections on the Citizen-Lawyer as Transformative Agent PDF
Lloyd T. Wilson Jr. 1091-1104
Real Estate Transactions and Entrepreneurship: Transforming Value Through Exchange PDF
Robin Paul Malloy 1105-1124
Discriminatory Housing Advertisements On-Line: Lessons from Craigslist PDF
Rigel C. Oliveri 1125-1184
Real Estate Market Meltdown, Foreclosures and Tenants' Rights PDF
Aleatra P. Williams 1185-1216
Women and Subprime Lending: An Essay Advocating Self-Regulation of the Mortgage Lending Industry PDF
Carol Necole Brown 1217-1228
The Really New Property: A Skeptical Appraisal PDF
Steven J. Eagle 1229-1286


Holiman v. Dovers: An Argument for a More In-depth Analysis of Religious Disputes PDF
Kyle D. Gobel 1287-1318
'We Don't Fish in Their Oil Wells, and They Shouldn't Drill in Our Rivers": Considering Public Opposition Under NEPA and the Highly Controversial Regulatory Factor PDF
Emily M. Slaten 1319-1349

ISSN: 0090-4198