Vol 44, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Front Matter PDF
Indiana Law Review


Editor-in-Chief's Introduction: Tribute to the Late Mary Harter Mitchell PDF
Kate Mercer-Lawson 657-658
A Tribute to Professor Mary Mitchell PDF
Susanah M. Mead 659-666
Mary Harter Mitchell PDF
Florence Wagman Roisman 667-670
Reflections on the Life of Mary Mitchell PDF
Joan M. Ruhtenberg 671-674
The Poetry of Mary Harter Mitchell PDF
Mary Harter Mitchell 675-684


Some Thoughts on the State of Women Lawyers and Why Title VII Has Not Worked for Them PDF
Theresa M. Beiner 685-702
"The Mess We're in": Five Steps Towards the Transformation of Prison Cultures PDF
Lynn S. Branham 703-734
Renaissance or Retrenchment: Legal Education at a Crossroads PDF
Lauren Carasik 735-818
The "Turning-Out" of Boys in a Man's Prison: Why and How We Need to Amend the Prison Rape Elimmation Act PDF
James E. Robertson 819-852
The Changing Supreme Court and Prisoners' Rights PDF
Christopher E. Smith 853-888


Making a List, but Checking It Twice? Indiana's Foster Roster and the Need for Licensing Reform PDF
Courtney Andreone 889-918
Not in My Library: An Examination of State and Local Bans of Sex Offenders from Public Libraries PDF
Jennifer Ekblaw 919-956
Indiana's "Three Strikes" Inmate Litigation Limitations: 2009 Legislation Does Not Hit a Home Run PDF
Amanda L.B. Mulroony 957-986

ISSN: 0090-4198