Feature: Visual Art, Griffin Elzey


  • Griffin Elzey, MS3 Indiana University School of Medicine


Griffin Elzey, MS3 blends photography with acrylic paint to create original artwork. Works included:

See Spine: My own X-Ray blended with my wonderful wife’s acrylic work. Who knew that cervical spine issues could look so good?

A Little Pick Me Up: Everyone needs a little pick me up on occasion. It is true. This is an acrylic splashed shot that I took of a team of Air Force Special Operations Medical (PJs) loading patients onto a CH47 Chinook helicopter during a training event in Michigan.

Hospital Sunset: Demolition of the St. Joe Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN: St. Joseph Hospital, or what remained. As a native born resident of Fort Wayne, IN this hospital was a staple of the downtown area and its newfound absence is even more eerie to me than this photo acrylic blend.







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